The Perfect Place to Chew

Brewster chew

You know when you buy a new book, and you can’t wait to sit down and read it in the perfect spot? That must be how a dog feels when he gets a new chew. Our puppy Brewster goes through a hilarious set of actions when you hold out the new chew to him. He sniffs it, then takes it in his mouth with a look of pure glee, and runs off with his ears back and tail wagging to find the perfect place to chew it. But what is the perfect place? First, he tries his dog bed, then the couch, then runs up to the stairs to see if there’s a better spot, then back down the stairs when he realizes no one followed him. Then he stands around with the chew in his mouth whimpering a little, and looking around with crazed eyes, as his little doggy brain churns with deep philosophical thoughts about what makes the perfect chew spot. Then he realizes that the answer has been within him all along, and he settles down on the couch with a sigh of relief. Finally content, he begins to chew his little puppy heart out.

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