Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff


If your dog is your first child, you will probably end up with an obscene amount of stuff like we did. We hadn’t yet learned the lesson that less is more, and that you can get by on just a few items vs. the entire store. We have no fewer than 15 toys for our puppy Brewster, at least 10 of which stay in the drawer at all times. There are squeakers, pull toys, balls for fetch, rope toys, and toys that seem to serve no purpose other than looking cute in photos. At first, we wanted to stay away from the squeaky ones, because we thought they would drive us nuts. But when we realized how happy they made our dog (and how happy it made us to watch him squeak them), we couldn’t wait to buy him more.

We also discovered that instead of spending $10+ per toy, we could find much cheaper playthings at home that he seemed to like just as much as the fancy ones. Paper bags and cardboard boxes go a long way, as long as you don’t mind cleaning up the mess afterward. Water bottles is another favorite – not only do they get the crunch factor, but it’s fun to chase them all over the floor (take the top off first so he doesn’t swallow it). And the favorite: a crunchy plastic water bottle stuffed inside an old sock with the ends tied. We’re talking HOURS of entertainment.

But that crate filled with toys is not it when it comes to stuff for our dog. There are treats, chews, bags of food, water bowls, kongs of various sizes, leashes of various lengths, collars, harnesses, dog tags, grooming items, paw wipes, poop bags, travel supplies…not to mention multiple dog beds and crates spread throughout the house.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do when we have a human child someday.

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