Road Trip, Baby!

road trip asleep

I’d always thought that dogs just innately loved riding in cars. In every image I’ve seen of a dog in a car, he’s always sticking his head out the window, tongue flailing to the side, with a look of glee on his face. Not our puppy Brewster. He’d stiffen up when we’d try to put him in the car, then cower in the passenger’s seat for a few minutes before getting up the courage to bridge the median and climb onto my lap while I was driving, where he’d then try to claw his way up to my face until we made it safely home.

At some point, he must have just gotten used to it (or maybe it was the promise of all the treats we’d give him to help him feel more at ease), but he finally settled down and rode in the passenger seat like a normal dog. Eventually, he seemed to become totally comfortable with it, and even started looking out the window from time to time.

Now when we take him on road trips with us, he is a perfect companion, just chilling or sleeping, and not competing for shotgun or the radio. He never even bothers us to make a bathroom stop, although he will take advantage of one when given the opportunity, much like his mom. So far, we’ve taken him to Nevada and Los Angeles. Next up…Oregon?

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