Puppy-Proofing The Home

Paper Towel Barrier

Since our dog Brewster is completely potty trained in our home, it’s nice to be able to let him hang out on his own while we go about our business, and not to have to watch him every second of the day. He’s very good about not chewing on furniture or items like shoes, because we trained him early on by making a disapproving “ah ah ah” sound when he’d do something we didn’t want him to do, and then giving him a treat if he stopped. He used to sneak off with a flip flop or slipper at any chance he could (and you’d know when he was up to something because it would suddenly get very quiet), but now I can leave my Tory Burch flats around without worry of our innocent little puppy destroying a prized pair of $200 shoes.

The one thing we do have to watch out about are boxes and bags, because we let him play with those, so he doesn’t know the difference between a bag that’s ok to rip up and one that isn’t. He recently attacked a Bloomingdale’s bag my fiancé had just brought home and left on the floor with a new straw fedora in it, crushing the hat to the point that it could not be popped back into shape. We make sure not to leave those on the floor anymore, unless they’re fair game.

If your dog is capable of doing more damage than just ripping up a bag, it’s a good idea to carefully puppy-proof your home. He could not only do damage to your stuff, but to himself as well, if he were to get into something dangerous, like chewing on an electrical cord. I read a good article on houzz.com on pet-proofing your home, which is worth checking out. They give tips from room to room, and some of the things you may not think of are eye-opening, like keeping toilet lids and laundry bins/machines closed, lest a small pet get stuck in there.

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