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We just got our new Tagg GPS Pet Tracker in the mail, and I was going to do a product review on it, but unfortunately we’re going to have to send it back. I didn’t realize how large the device is; I was expecting it to be more, well, tag-sized. On the website, there were no indications of size that I could find, and they call it “lightweight”, indicating that it fits on any dog’s collar — they even show it on a cat, which seems absurd, having seen how large this thing is. Our dog Brewster is about 15 pounds, and when I attached the device to his collar, it just seemed like it would be too much for him to lug around all day, and would be uncomfortable when sleeping or lazing about.*

So back it goes. I had heard good things about Tagg, and I’m sure it’s a great product, but from what I’ve seen, I would not recommend it for small dogs. I’m going to keep my eye out for a device that works in a similar way but is smaller. Tagg basically tracks the GPS location of your dog, so you always know where he is, and you can also set perimeter boundaries to get alerts when your pet goes outside of the designated areas (probably more appropriate for people who live in suburban or rural areas, where there is more room to roam). Tagg also keeps track of how much exercise your dog is getting, so you know if you need to step things up.

We never would have thought to get a GPS for our dog, until our friend’s dog got lost in a random incident. Fortunately, he was found safe and sound, but for two days we helped them search aimlessly around the area that he was last seen, since we had no idea where he could be. It seems unlikely that our dog would get lost or run away, since he is a people pup and loves to stick close to us, but I’m a worrier, so I like the idea of at least being able to locate him if he does.

*To Tagg’s credit, the customer service was great — I called and asked to return it, and was sent a prepaid UPS shipping label via email, with a full refund to my credit card coming within 5-10 days of receipt of the package.

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