Our Fur Baby

baby brew with whale

I went to a baby shower for our dog walker recently, and caught up with two of my friends there who also own Daisy Dogs. We stood around for at least an hour sharing stories about the cute and quirky things our pups do, exchanging training tips, and talking about how having a puppy has changed our lives. It was like we were new moms talking about our toddlers, and in fact I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the exact conversations among my friends who have kids, but with a few of the terms swapped.

Until you have human kids, these furry little creatures really are like your babies. You love them more than you can imagine, you take delight in their learning new skills or making new discoveries, you love finding ways to make them happy, and you find YOUR dog to be the cutest thing that’s ever lived. Even though we’ve had our puppy Brewster for almost a year now, I still say at least once per day (ok maybe more like 3-5 times per day) that I just can’t believe how adorable he is, and my fiancé and I both talk to him as though he’s a little person who just might be able to understand us. We do want to have real kids someday, but Brewster will always be our first child, and he will always have a very special place in my heart.


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