Online Pet Supplies


  • Darwin’s – A direct-to-consumer raw food company that provides fresh food at lower prices than store-bought brands.
  • Best Bully Sticks – Great place to buy chews, treats, etc. at a discounted rate; buy in bulk or try individual items to see which your dog likes.
  • Pet Expertise – This virtual pet store carries just about everything you’ll need for your dog, from crates to collars to chews, and more; you can also buy chews in bulk to save.
  • Amazon – While supporting your local pet store is ideal, you can’t always find everything you need, and prices are sometimes too high; Amazon carries just about everything you can think of, and also has some of the best prices on big items like crates and dog beds.
  • thwap. – Vintage necktie collars for the hip urban dog
  • HANKS Dog stuff – They’re just put out their very first product, The Poop Transporter, the most stylish way to carry around your dog’s poop until you find a trashcan!
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