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This is a daycare and boarding facility for dogs & cats, with friendly staff and trained professionals on-site. The play areas are primarily indoors; there is a roof deck with fake grass, but it is only used for special events or the summer “camp”. The ratio of staff-to-dogs is slim, so dogs don’t get a lot of personalized attention. The boarding facility is essentially a kennel that consists of different sized cages, and there are some larger rooms available for a more premium “hotel” experience. Daycare is $40 (7am-7pm), and boarding ranges from $48-150 depending on what sized cage/room you want to get for your dog. There are a lot of add-on services, like an outdoor walk for $10, a 20-minute rooftop session for $20, and a 15-minute splash session in a shallow pool for $15. They also offer bathing & grooming services at an extra charge.

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25 14th St San Francisco, CA 94103
37.768336, -122.41414199999997
(415) 876-0700

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