Classes & Socials


  • DogEvolve – Pamela and her crew also offer group training classes and workshops for both puppies and adult dogs.
  • SmartyPup – We’ve taken a couple classes here, and have found both to be great. They keep the groups fairly small, so it’s not overwhelming for the dogs and you can get individual attention from the teacher. I’d recommend trying to get a class with Fawn Pierre, the owner, if possible; but her whole team is great.
  • SF Puppy Prep – They offer great training classes for puppies, along with one-off clinics, classes for older dogs, daycare, walking, and socials.


  • SmartyPup – For puppies 8-16 weeks, the one-hour socials are a great way to build your dog’s confidence, give him an outlet to play with other dogs of a similar age, and ask questions of the very knowledgeable staff running them. Whether your dog just sits on your lap and observes, or runs around the whole time, he’ll generally come home very tired and will sleep well that night!
  • SF Puppy Prep – Puppy socials are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The Friday night “puppy happy hour” even includes wine, cheese and cookies for the parents!


  • And You Can Bring Your Dog – A meetup group that plans a wide range of social activities for you & your dog, like drinks at dog-friendly bars and picnics at Off The Grid.
  • SF Dog Connect – Socialization and training tips for your furry friends.
  • SF Havanese – This group hosts monthly “Hav-a-Romp” events for Havanese lovers (and owners of other acceptable small dogs).
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