Daily Archives: September 28, 2014

VetPronto to the Rescue

Brewster at the vet

We recently heard about a new in-home vet service called VetPronto. They have an online scheduler to set up appointments (which I love, because I try to avoid the phone whenever possible), and the vet shows up at your home at the arranged time. We got Dr. Hoppe, who was great: she was knowledgeable, warm and friendly, and immediately made our puppy feel at ease.

We had decided to try the service, because our dog had started itching a lot recently — and as responsible dog parents, we didn’t want to take him into the vet in case he had fleas, which can spread easily from dog to dog. We were relieved to find out that he did not in fact have fleas — Dr. Hoppe reassured us that Trifexis, the flea & heartworm medicine he’s on, is SO strong that it doesn’t give fleas a chance to survive. She said that she’d seen a lot of cases of itchy skin recently, and it’s probably just seasonal allergies. She recommended an anti-itch shampoo and skin spray that we could try, and also told us that if we find matts in our pup’s fur, we should cut them out, because they can trap in moisture and dirt, and cause more itching.

While Dr. Hoppe was there, we asked her a few other random questions about food, diet, etc., which she was happy to answer. After the visit, we received an email with our dog’s medical records and all of the info we’d discussed during the visit.

All in all, VetPronto was a very pleasant veterinary experience, and I’d definitely recommend trying it if an in-home vet service could be helpful for you. It costs a little more than an appointment at the vet’s office, but sometimes convenience and time-savings are worth the extra money! I could also see VetPronto being a life saver in certain situations — if, for example:

  • Your pet is too sick to bring him/her to the vet
  • Your pet has a weak immune system and could risk picking something up at the vet
  • Your pet gets squeamish or stressed when going to the vet’s office
  • You have young kids, and it’s too much trouble to round up everyone to get in the car and drive to the vet’s office
  • You don’t have a car, and don’t live close enough to a vet to walk

I only wish that we’d discovered VetPronto before the last set of vaccinations we got our dog, since I’m sure he would have felt more comfortable getting them at home than by a stranger in the back of the vet’s office. Next time!