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Save Money on Chews by Ordering in Bulk

best bully sticks

Our dog Brewster has become a voracious chewer. Not of furniture or shoes, fortunately (we trained him out of that early on), but he can go through a 6-inch bully stick in under half an hour. It’s hard to even imagine how he does it, since he’s only 15 pounds and has tiny little teeth. But you give him a chew, with the intention of catching up on emails or cooking dinner while he’s occupied, and 20 minutes later, he’s done and looking to play.

While having to buy new chews is definitely better than having to buy new shoes, it still adds up. At $5-12 per chew, we don’t leave the pet store without spending at least $100, and that’s for a supply that doesn’t even last us a month.

We recently discovered a couple sites online where you can buy chews in bulk at a big discount. Our favorite site so far is Best Bully Sticks, which offers a 25-pack of thick 6-inch low-odor chews for only $54.49, or $2.18 per chew. They have a great variety too, so we can stock up on braided chews, curly bully sticks, bison tendons, pig ears, lamb puffs, duck feet, elk antlers,and more. Brewster loves that we aren’t so stingy with the chews, and we love the cost-savings and convenience. A win-win for humans and dogs!