Rad Pup contains resources for dog owners in San Francisco. Click on the tabs above or the categories below to find dog-friendly restaurants, bars, coffee shops and wineries, as well as pet stores, vets, groomers, daycares, etc. The pages to the right contain information on resources that don’t have a physical address, like dog walkers, trainers, classes, socials, pet insurance, and helpful books.


  • Bars

    Everyone knows that dogs make the best wing men! Bring your furry friend along to join in the fun at these dog-friendly joints.
  • Coffee Shops

    Get an afternoon pick-me-up with your pup! These coffee shops have outdoor seating where your furry friends are welcome.
  • Daycare/Boarding

    These doggie daycare & boarding businesses will take good care of your pup when you're away.
  • Groomers

    It's worth the $$ to have an expert groom your dog, so you don't run the risk of being the owner of "Mullet Maggie".
  • Parks

    San Francisco is rich with great dog parks, offering anything from flat patches of grass to hilly wooded hiking trails.
  • Pet Stores

    Stock up on food, treats, chews, toys, accessories, and more at these nice pet stores around the city.
  • Restaurants

    These restaurants around the city have outside tables or patios where dogs are welcome.
  • Vets

    It's good to have a vet you trust and to know where the nearest 24-hour pet hospital is in case of emergency.
  • Wineries

    A lot of vineyards welcome dogs, and with the vast outdoor spaces, your dog is sure to enjoy the day there as much as you.